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How it Works

Smart Valve™ Overview

  1. Air Compression – Maintains a constant back pressure by eliminating any excess air volume in your water.
  2. The SMART VALVE’s™ proprietary, variable spring-loaded technology, eliminates peaks and valleys of water pressure. This creates a smooth, even flow of water that results in more accurate meter reads and protects against damaging water surges.
  3. Reduced Consumption – We can precisely calibrate your valve to the optimal pressure level through our patented, adjustable valve technology.
  4. SMART VALVE™ acts as a secondary back flow preventer to protect the municipal water supply.
  5. Works on over 99% of all water meters.
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Do Not Pay for Air! Save 15-20% on Average or More!

This Is How It Works: Science Behind the Patented Smart Valve™

  1. Our SMART VALVE™, installed on the customer’s side of the meter, solves this turbulent water or air bubbles problem by maintaining city pressure from the SMART VALVE™ back UPSTREAM, past the meter into the city’s main.


  1. SMART VALVE™ reduces the volume of the air bubbles by not letting system pressure drop as it did before until after it is downstream of the valve. You no longer pay for “AIR”, just water.